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Lupo said "Everybody complains" because I leave the right front seat up too high in his car. What do you mean everybody complains!? Well I'm sorry, I don't like riding around in low Fowler's position.

Why the hell do his idiot friends want to put the seat down as far as possible? Would they rather lie down in a bed nailed to the back of a pickup truck that's driving down the highway? Is that what they want? Idiots.
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Let's see, what's in the news...

I can't believe Joe Sakic retired. I mean I knew it wasn't far away, but we were only a few months away from the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Sure he missed most of last season with injuries, but he would have been better rested for one more year.

So many athletes today transfer from one club to many others throughout their career, without any sense of loyalty. Moreover, many top prospects refuse to play for teams that draft them and demand to be traded. Super Joe was different. Even though the Quebec Nordiques must have been the least desirable team to play for, Sakic gave his whole career to them. He always put the team ahead of himself.

Later on, he led Team Canada to the gold medal at the '02 Olympics. That was the greatest collection of talent ever assembled(You can make an argument for the 1992 USA basketball team, or the 1970 Brazil football team, but without question they were the best hockey team). I'm sure Team Canada will win without him, but he will be sorely missed.

Anyways, I never really cared about the Tour de France before, but now I'm really into it. I find myself watching more and more everyday. Lots of people have run marathons. If you thinking running 26 miles is hard, trying cycling 2000.

There's so much about the sport of cycling that I've learned in the past few days. I didn't know there were different teams, I thought it was all individuals competing against each other. I of course am pulling for Astana. If not them, I want the Anglophone Garmin-Slipstream to win.

A couple years ago, Swissport took Lufthansa from us. That was big. This summer they have Finnair. Now there are rumours that they won Alitalia, much to the consternation of Tony Chiodi. I've heard conflicting reports, but right now, it's not looking good. I also heard that if they take Alitalia, they may become emboldened and make a play for Air France and/or Virgin Atlantic. In either case, my tour of duty in the Servisair is probably close to its end :(

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College graduation yesterday. It made high school graduation look like amateur hour. Another one of those deals where I wasn't gonna go, then I do go, and I'm really glad I did.

First there was the procession onto the Campus Center lawn. There were so many people there. It looked like the parade of nations at an Olympic opening ceremony. And you know how on the commencement page of the UMB website, it showed a picture of some old guy carrying flowers? They showed him on the Jumbotron carrying flowers! It started raining and they were giving out UMass ponchos to everyone. Edwin Moses and Joe Kennedy were there, and John Kerry gave the commencement address. Then when they were giving out diplomas, Debra Wein whispered "Shit!" near the microphone and everyone heard her. Plus we all got together for one last time (awwwwwwww!)

There were many times throughout my collegiate career that I thought I wouldn't last. Whether it was a test I couldn't pass, or a paper I couldn't write, or a project I couldn't handle, or whatever. Now that I have graduated, nobody is hiring. I have no job prospects. If there's one thing I've learned at college, it's that these things have a way of working themselves out. So I'm not panicking. Yet.
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Yeah so we were gonna have a Senior Night Out at a pub in Southie, after the final final. This was in an email I got last night:

"We need to take a vote. They have an option for a 2 hr open bar starting @ 6p-8p.
For $22 a person, it includes all beers, wines, well drinks (no grey goose, jack, barcardi etc.. just BAR alcohol), soda, coffee, and tea. This also includes a tip.

For $28 a person, it includes all beer,wine, call liquor (no grey goose, patron, but you can get barcardi, jack, etc), soda, coffee, and tea. This also includes a tip."

I don't understand why there should be an open bar at all. I mean I might like to have a Mountain Dew or three, but that won't cost $22. And then there's the second option. Grey Goose? Patron? I don't know what these things are.

I was leaning towards going, but I don't wanna pay $30 to get in. I simply fail to understand this seemingly universal obsession with alcohol. I don't get what's so appealing about puking on yourself at 3 in the morning and then waking up the next day dehydrated with a terrible headache. Maybe I'm missing something.

I'm considering complete abstinence from alcohol for the rest of my life. I don't really consider that any sort of asceticism, as I find nothing pleasurable about the consumption of spirits.

Remember those "Bacardi and Cola" commercials? Those were brilliant. Drink Bacardi. It's so bad you have to mask the taste with Cola.

Let me get this straight. I often overhear people boasting about how much liquor they drank at some recent party. Let's just say they had ten "drinks" of some sort. You would never have 10 sodas. You would never drink 10 bottles of water. You would never have 10 green teas. But you can't get enough of a substance used to kill microorganisms in healthcare settings.

Bacigalupo occasionally asks if we're going out drinking for graduation. I tell him I'll go if they have Mountain Dew there. He tells me I can't drink Mountain Dew unless it has Jack in it. Now why would I ruin a Dew by mixing it with alcohol?

Then yesterday he had to go to the RMV in Revere to renew his licence. I suggested that he go to the RMV in Chinatown, and then join me for Bubble Tea. Do you know what he said? He said he doesn't drink tea unless it's twisted.

You can't spell intoxicated without toxic.
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Didn't I tell you Barcelona is overrated? DIDN'T I!? Nil-nil at the Camp Nou. Do you really think they're gonna go into the Bridge and get the better of Chelsea? WELL UH UH! I am sooooooooooooooo sick of going over this same thing over and over and over again. How many times do I have to explain it? But instead, all you ever hear is BARCELONA! BARCELONA! BARCELONA! LA LIGA! LA LIGA! LA LIGA!

Let's see here. For the THIRD consecutive year, 3 of the final 4 Champions League teams are from the EPL. No one cares. Of course, if they has been Spanish teams you would NEVER EVER hear the end of it. Then 2 days ago some fuckface called "Xavi" says the Spanish league is way better than the English. What are you some kinda asshole? I watched the game. Do you know what I saw? Every time a Chelsea player breathed on a Barcelona man, he dove to the pitch and rolled around in agony, like when Pris got shot by Harrison Ford. The next minute he was up running around again like nothing happened.

Another retarded argument that goes hand-in-hand with this bullshit is that Spain not only has the best league in the world, they also have the best national team. Oh yeah, they're gonna win the next World Cup. "But they won EURO!" I don't give a fuck! They won a tournament in which Russia and Turkey were semi-finalists. Maybe they'll win the Confederations Cup. Do you think I give a shit?

Just skip to 4:30 and you'll see what I mean.
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"There's a fire."

This morning it was 60 dead, now it's 81. This morning the few cases in the U.S. were in Texas and California. Now it's spread to Kansas and New York. This morning it had not left North America. Now it's in London. The 1918 pandemic killed the young and healthy. Now this one is killing the young and healthy.

Or maybe the whole thing will blow over, like SARS. Remember SARS?
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"Baldelli lands on disabled list"

Ah! Big Shock! Why would you sign this fucking guy? He's more fragile than D.L. Drew. The Sox may have won 2 World Serieses, but I don't know what the front office people are thinking sometimes.
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Now don't start about penalties not being a real way to determine a winner. They certainly were in the last CL Final. This team was supposed to surpass the 1999 team as the greatest in history. But they blew it. Actually, Ferguson blew it. The lineup was ridiculous. A match as important as that and he starts Gibson and Welbeck. I haven't any idea who they are. I don't understand why everyone thinks "Sir Alex!" is such a brilliant genius. What's he good for other than fighting with his star players? What's he saving everyone for? To play Portsmouth on Wednesday? I don't even care about winning the league anymore.

Oh yeah, say goodbye to Tevez.
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There was a lot of smack talking in the bag room today. I noticed there was a ladder on the ground against the wall near the over-sized belt. Just one of those things that's always been there, but you never really notice it. So I challenged Lupo to a ladder match. Then Mr. Houghton's name kept getting brought up, so I suggested a triple threat ladder match. I would do it. That would be without question the coolest thing I've ever done. However, because of the logistics involved in such a match, it's probably never going to happen. Damn it.
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