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Didn't I tell you Barcelona is overrated? DIDN'T I!? Nil-nil at the Camp Nou. Do you really think they're gonna go into the Bridge and get the better of Chelsea? WELL UH UH! I am sooooooooooooooo sick of going over this same thing over and over and over again. How many times do I have to explain it? But instead, all you ever hear is BARCELONA! BARCELONA! BARCELONA! LA LIGA! LA LIGA! LA LIGA!

Let's see here. For the THIRD consecutive year, 3 of the final 4 Champions League teams are from the EPL. No one cares. Of course, if they has been Spanish teams you would NEVER EVER hear the end of it. Then 2 days ago some fuckface called "Xavi" says the Spanish league is way better than the English. What are you some kinda asshole? I watched the game. Do you know what I saw? Every time a Chelsea player breathed on a Barcelona man, he dove to the pitch and rolled around in agony, like when Pris got shot by Harrison Ford. The next minute he was up running around again like nothing happened.

Another retarded argument that goes hand-in-hand with this bullshit is that Spain not only has the best league in the world, they also have the best national team. Oh yeah, they're gonna win the next World Cup. "But they won EURO!" I don't give a fuck! They won a tournament in which Russia and Turkey were semi-finalists. Maybe they'll win the Confederations Cup. Do you think I give a shit?

Just skip to 4:30 and you'll see what I mean.
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