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Preben Von Eggers is a syndicated columnist

Preben Von Eggers
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"There are usually a few odd hangers-on in a religious house, you know; people who can't quite fit in either to the world or the monastic rule. I suppose I'm something of the sort myself. But as I don't happen to drink, I'm more employable."-Cordelia Flyte

"Maggie, your babysitter's here. What's that mean? Ohhh, you must be sick! Let's see, what's old doc Washburn prescribe? Do you have Dropsy? The Grippe? Scrofula? The Vapors? Jungle Rot? Dandy Fever? Poor Man's Gout? Housemaid's Knee? Climatic Boo Bow? The Staggers? Dum Dum Fever?"-Abraham Simpson